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Allowing Veeam to backup to non-Domain shares via PowerShell

April 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Getting Veeam to backup via a PowerShell script to a share on a server that was not part of a domain proved to be less than easy. I kept getting numerous errors about Veeam not being able to create folders. This solution took me ages to find, so I thought I’d post it here – so it’s easy for me to find, plus helpful for others!

You’ll need to change the Logon properties of the Veeam Data Mover service to an account that can access the share. You’ll also need to enter the password for the relevant account and then restart the Veeam Data Mover service. Do this by firing up services.msc, then finding the Veeam Data Mover service. ┬áRight-click, choose Properties, then click the Log On tab. Enter the relevant account information and hit Apply, then OK. Then right-click on the service and choose Restart.